Unter den Sternen des Sudens…

I had a lovely surprise in the mail today. Five copies of the German edition of Blue Skies!

To be really honest, I’d been so caught in writing Purple Roads, that I had completely forgotten that Blue Skies was due out in Germany, in February.  So, when I went to the mail box and saw a parcel from Allen and Unwin, I thought, ‘oh cool, new books to read!’.

Trouble is, I can’t understand any of it! It is so weird, to hold a book, that I’ve written and not be able to read a word, except for the characters names!

I love the cover of Unter den Sternen des Sudens – the red sand and vivid blue skies, though not at all related to the setting of Blue Skies, are just stunning and it gives a clear indication that the book is set in Australia. It seems that people in Germany and parts of Europe, can’t get enough of Australian stories, at the moment.

Right, back to Purple Roads!

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    1. I’d seen you’d been os, but hadn’t followed closely – I’ve been head down on Purple Roads. Will check out your site.

  1. Wow, congrats on being published in Germany, that’s so exciting, well done you! Must be very weird to see it in another language, but hey, it’s a great way to learn new words. You can translate it from memory! x

  2. Hi Fleur ,maybe you want to send me a copy and I take it as a downpayment for the remote coaching we have been talking (tweeting, more likely) about. I am German and would love to read what you do – and can give an honest opinion about the quality of the translation!!

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