Up and at ’em!

Morning glory

Morning glory

‘Up and at ’em, Fleury,’ my Dad used to call when I was really little and heading off in the truck with him.

Back then I bounced out of bed with the expectation of adventure on my mind. Going with dad held loads of fun…

Days in the truck singing along to Slim Dusty (I can still sing most of trucking songs off by heart, much to my daughter’s absolute horror) or Charlie Pride.

I meet all sorts really cool people; Mr Papadopolous and Kypros at Coober Pedy, Mr Severen at Curtain Springs. There were people at Mintabie and Marla Bore.

I got to eat chips and drink Coke. My standard line was ‘Come on, John (my dad). You have to share your Coke, you know.’

Aha. Very cheeky, I know!

These days, I need a strong coffee or two before I make much sense and it’s me waking my kids up. I can tell you, with the thought of a week of school ahead, for them, they’re really not that keen to get out of bed. (I’ve been known to stand above a bed and drip cold water onto the sleeping face… Only after I’ve called the daughter six or seven times, mind you! I’m not that mean!)

Even with bleary eyes, I reckon the morning is the best part of the day. I mean, how could you not love this sunrise?

Every Monday morning, it’s a 5:30 start, but I personally still love it… Just so long as I have a coffee in hand.

Are you a morning person or not?

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  1. I used to be a morning person until I had kids. Now I tend to stay up late to enjoy some ME time. Selfish I suppose, but it’s quiet and I can do what I want without kids, hubby, dogs or phones disturbing me!

  2. I also use to see mr Papdopolous. I was a morning person, but then when raising kids now a night person. Though my job now requires me to be out of the house by 630 am so I’m a bit of a mixed bag. Still can’t go to bed early though.

  3. Loved your memories of going out with your Dad in the truck – love that Dad’s always have the naughty stuff (with mine it was always a pie and strawberry milk!).

    I’m a new follower to your blog – loving it!

    We are in full swing mango/avocado picking and packing mode here in Far North Qld so that means 5am starts for the Farmer boy and I. We are really tired! But are enjoying the lovely bit of quiet time that we get together before the day starts and workers and kids are up! I think early mornings are the best time of the day!

  4. Ah, mornings used to be my favorite when I was a breakfast chef and was at work at 0400. Only me and the cab drivers on the road at that hour. Now I have to be up and cheerful by 0730 most days and it’s ok but like others above commenting, I too like my nighttime to myself after hubby goes to bed and the tv is off.

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