Vale Mr Gubbins

People come and go in our lives. Some are easily forgotten and some stay with us forever, even if we’re not in contact.

This morning I found out that my old music teacher died from cancer. I’ve been shocked at my sense of loss, even though it’s been nearly twenty years since I’ve had contact with him.

I adored him during my school years, we all did, and like a classmate said on Facebook; ‘He would have known we all loved and appreciated him by us not being shits in his classes!’ You’re probably right, Alice. But I’m not sure I ever told him and now I can’t.

He wasn’t only our music teacher; he played the piano for our twice-weekly morning assemblies so even if you didn’t study music, he was a constant in our school lives. His music room was always warm, friendly and fun and he had the most wicked giggle I think I’ve ever heard from a bloke. I can’t remember him cross but when he did reprimand, as he did so gently from time to time, it cut to the quick.

Mr Gubbins, I know you can’t read this now, but I wish I had thought to tell you when I was seventeen how much you impacted my life, made school bearable for a homesick teenager, and how much I thought of you. Go peacefully and know you that were loved.

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