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Beautiful display of The Missing Pieces of Us at Allen and Unwin HQ!


I’ve been a little quiet on the blog for the last couple of months – there has been a reason why! It’s been busy!

The Missing Pieces of Us was released about two weeks ago now and I headed over to NSW for a small tour. It was lovely to go to Orange and Bathurst, and see all of my old friends at Allen and Unwin.

After NSW, I spoke at the state Rotary conference and had a serious fan-girl moment when I met Matthew Pavlich, shook his hand and actually had a conversation with him!


Signing at Dymocks Hay Street


There was a lovely signing at Dymocks Hay Street and a few other events. But the highlight?

Being a state finalist for the RIRDC Rural Women’s Awards.


Camp Kulin manager and Rural Woman of the Year for WA Tanya Dupagne and I before the awards


Tanya Dupagne, from Camp Kulin was a very worthy winner and I was exceptionally privileged to meet her. We’re going to be working together on a few projects, so watch this space.


What an experience!


So my very important information. What is it?

Well my project for the RIRDC Rural Women’s Award touched on domestic violence. I spent a long time on the awards night, speaking to Liza Harvey (Deputy leader for the Liberal Party) about my project and having her offer of help, is invaluable.

This is a subject I’m very passionate about – dispelling the myth that all domestic violence is physical.


There are ten different types of abuse which are NOT physical:

  • Emotional
  • Intimidation
  • Isolation
  • Using Children
  • Using Male Privilege
  • Economic
  • Threats and Coercion
  • Minimising/denying/blaming
  • Sexual
  • Power and Control

Domestic Violence is a form of terrorism. The victims live in fear all the time. They however, sometimes don’t realise that what they are living through is domestic violence.

Here’s some frightening facts:

  • 54% of domestic violence is reported OUTSIDE of the metro area
  • 1 in 4 rural women will experience some type of DV in their life (just stop and have a quick look at the women in your life, add them up, then split them into four… That’s pretty uncomfortable  isn’t it?)
  • Domestic Violence IS NOT A CRIME. It becomes a crime when there is a chargeable offence involved, such as assault or rape. The rest of the types of abuse are NOT crimes

I wrote Indigo Storm hoping just to change one person’s life. That’s not enough. I am working on a new project which I hope to be able to launch nationwide, within time. In the interim, if you have experienced domestic violence of any sort and have an opinion on what services you would have liked to be able to access and needs you needed met, before, during and after, I’d appreciate hearing from you. Please email pa at fleurmcdonald dot com

That is my important information. I hope you’re as horrified as I am.

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  1. Hello Fleur, I would dearly love to speak to you about your post on Domestic Violence. I was a victim, many moons ago, I received no help and as most of it was emotional abuse I find it rears it’s ugly head from time to time. I was fortunately strong enough to escape before things became physical and know that many victims are not so fortunate. I understand all too well these dreadful issues and the importance of awareness. I am very passionate about this subject and feel that there is not enough support or education out there about this subject. I have been in touch with an American organisation called RAINN, they are amazing. Sadly our Country has no such organisation. My reason for being in touch with them is another story which I would also love to share with you. I have Googled this topic and in WA alone the services are very cold and uninviting. It has been consuming me lately that more needs to be done and I wish to create a safe haven at my Gallery in Stoneville where women can come to receive support and a kind word and a simple hug if necessary. I have an even bigger vision but actually have no idea where or how to start. As I said.., this is something I am very passionate about and your post has prompted me to message you. And it helps that you are one of my favourite Authors and such a gorgeous soul. I look forward to hearing from you soon. xx P.S. I have sent you a PM on FB. xx

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