Waiting, waiting…

Looking to the East, sunrise.


Yesterday, there was a forecast for good rains. We’re getting pretty desperate for one of them. But when I went outside and looked towards East, this above photo is what I saw. Fog rolling in.

To the west, it looked like the photo below:

Looking towards the north west

I was pretty hopeful when I saw the dark clouds, beginning to stream in. But then the cold, droughty easterly winds started and I began to worry we wouldn’t get much. The radar told me otherwise, so I jumped on Charlie Chamberlain to feed the hay before it got too cold and wet – the cattle won’t eat wet hay and we’d rather they had full tummy’s while sitting in the bush waiting out the weather, than being hungry.

It takes a couple of hours to feed everything and I was pretty happy with what I’d achieved when I put the tractor back in the shed and heard the sound of the rain starting. Beautiful!

Then it stopped.

Nothing! And for the rest of the day, the cold easterly blew.

It did decide ot rain overnight – it started about 2am and stopped just as we were getting up at 5:30am. I think I heard every drop! What a wonderful sound! Expectantly, the boss headed to the rain gauge. Eight or nine millinetres would have been brilliant for the crops. Not enough to grow grass, but beggers can’t be chosers, these days!

You know how much there was? Four measly mills!

Anyway, the sound of the rain on a tin roof was comforting. And it all helps. Now, for the next cold front.

Any time, Huey. Anytime.

How’s the season looking at your place?

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