Walking on the Rock!

Well, it’s not “Raining on the Rock” (John Williamson http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IcgPdppG_k ) but we’ve been walking on the rock!

On a cooler day, we thought it was safe enough to go for a bit of an explore. The hill is basically made from granite, with crevices of soil that allow native pines, and all sorts of bush, to grow on parts of it.

You can see marks, where the water seeps down when it rains, but I’ve never seen anything that would resemble a waterfall – just water coming from seemly nowhere, oozing its way down the hill.

We clambered all over this huge rock, marveling at its eco system (while hoping not to see any of its native reptiles aka tiger snakes or death adders). The Wedge Tail eagles that soar above us, when we are at the house, still seemed as far away from the top of the hill, as when we were below.

But we did see these beautiful wild flowers and although they were blooming with vigor then, two days of above 30 degrees has almost finished our season – the grass has put up the seed heads, the canola has turned from a bright yellow to a gray/green, the pods in place of flowers and the wild flowers seem to think their time is up too. Summer is on its way.

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  1. I know exactly where that is … and another ‘place to see and thing to do’ added to my list for when I get back there!! Thank you for sharing the pic.

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