Wanna roll in the hay?


It doesn’t seem like twelve months ago that we hitched up the mower to the tractor and started roaring through our oats crop!

Today, that’s exactly what happened. Anthony’s towing a mower conditioner, which is like  a huge lawn mower, but inside of it, there’s special rollers that crimp the stems of oats, ‘just right’ to help it dry out without losing too much of its quality.


The smell of mown grass is just divine – it smells like you could eat it! Which I guess is good, considering that’s what the cows will do! The rows of cut oats are quite wide and high, so we have competitions to see who can jump over them – the kids often falling short into the piles and rolling about in it! Rocket, with his little legs, never makes it across and prefers just to run and jump, run and jump, all the way across!

Hayden loves this time of the year, so much so, that he waited behind until I cooked bacon and egg sandwiches for both ‘men’ of the house, then he jumped on his bike and rode three kilometres to the paddock that Anthony was in, to give him his breakfast and spend a few hours in the tractor with his dad!

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