What a thrill – Industry Guru’s on chat!

kittyPicture: The Webmistress’ cat helping organise the huge web event….sort of

Next Saturday is a huge day in my web mistress’s life! Nyssa runs the web site called A Writer Goes On A Journey. It is mainly for fantasy and sci-fi fans and is smothered with reviews, industry news and many other interesting things.

But next Saturday (14 November) she, in conjunction with Writing Away Retreats (an American initiative), is bringing you a live chat session with many huge names – Kevin Doughten, associate editor at Penguin, Tim O’Connell, associate editor at Random House, Michael Signorelli, editor at HarperCollins and many more.

If you follow this link, you find everyone who will be there to answer your questions and small bios on them.

This is a massive opportunity for any writer, no matter what genre you write – you will have access to these industry gurus at the touch of a keyboard!

If your a tech-dummy, like me, Nyssa has clear, concise instructions on how to use the chat room or send private messages to the person of your choice!

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