What lunch boxes and baby birds have in common

Baby birds squawking at me!

Baby birds squawking at me!

I know my Mum has told me I have a warped way of looking at things at times, but I’m sure there are other people who see things and think the same as I do. Isn’t there?

Tell me what you think of when you look at these lunch boxes. Go on, leave me a comment – I really want to know that they make you think of.

Me? Well, I see squawking, hungry baby birds. Let me tell you why.

Have you ever sat and watched a mummy bird fly to a tree, feed her chicks then leave again? How many times does she do it? HEAPS! Those baby birds are NEVER satisfied.

She catches, carries and feeds her chicks with the dedication of any mum. Those babies keep demanding, crying to her, wanting MORE (Maybe they’re related to Oliver Twist?)

When these lunch boxes are empty, I feel like they are crying to me: ‘Feed me, feed me, feed me!’

My pantry will be full of homemade chocolate cake biscuits, slices and pin wheels. Full with all the favourites… And when I turn around next, to fill these noisy containers, the pantry has done a Mother Hubbard and is empty!

Does this happen to you?

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  1. When I see lunch boxes it reminds me that holidays are over! It’s so nice to pack them away for the holidays and not have to think of things to continuously fill them each day! I take great pleasure in packing the lunch boxes in the cupboard each holidays!

    1. me too, it feels like a difficult chore trying to work out what to put in them every day that will actually get eaten, I love packing them away even just for the weekend!

  2. Hubbys ‘lunchbox’ (a small esky) is his domain. I do not touch it unless it’s to put it on top of the fridge for the night. I love to cook (especially from the Family Circle Muffin Book!) but Aaron forgets to take what I’ve cooked!

    1. I like to sneak treats into my husbands (esky) lunch box when he’s not looking, or at times a fake plastic spider to scare him, or a note from the kids something unexpected.

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