What the rain brings

While I was shifting sheep yesterday afternoon, I had to marvel at how quickly the country has responded to the rain. The feed has shot out of the ground, which is lovely because the stock really needed an injection of green feed and all the vitamins that it holds.

It was still raining as the sheep milled towards the open gate – 83 odd millimeters over a week and half has wet the soil up nicely and left large, deep puddles lying in the lower areas of the paddocks – it’s been a very long time since I’ve seen that.

The ‘fun-guys’ (as Anthony calls fungi!) has grown quickly too. There are toadstools pushing their way through the dirt in many places and my back lawn has erupted with mushrooms! They’re the safe ones, so I’ll be able to pick them when we have steak for tea. Steak and mushroom sauce – yum, sounds like a pub dinner!

How alone does the tree look though? The fact that it’s dead, the wood is so dark (because it’s so wet) and the stark, grey sky – gives me goose bumps when I look at it out in the paddock!

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  1. I picked something like 150 mushrooms from one part of a paddock last year. It wasn’t even a really big area. My grandma got them all as we dont eat them! I think she probably still has some of them in her freezer. Be interesting to see how many grow there this year because i didn’t leave many behind!!

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