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I’ve been thinking about re-inventing my blog for some time and now that time is right here. I used to love writing blogs – they would get my fingers all warmed up for writing during the day and I LOVED sharing photos and little stories of my farming life with you all.

Since I’m not farming anymore, I’ve found it a little hard to work out what to write about. I seem to travel to a lot of places with work, but for the rest of my time, I’m usually sitting at my office desk, tapping away at a keyboard, staring at a computer screen.

That doesn’t really bode well for witty or interesting blogs!

But I want to get the blog up and going again; to write ones which will interest you and that I’ll enjoy writing.

So, my question to you is: What would you like to see on the blog? Ones about writing, books you’ve read or want to read, life, agriculture? My dogs? I like writing about dogs! Perhaps a short story series about Detective Dave Burrows?

My Bush Lanterns series seemed to be very popular and that will be making a come back.

Having just finished editing my November book, Where the River Runs, I’ve got a little time to think about this now, so hit me with all your ideas, by commenting below and I’ll see what I can do!

And by the way, I do love taking happy snaps, so if you’re a photography lover you can follow me on Instagram: @fleurmcdonald

In the mean time, have a little kelpie love from Jack, who’s really wanting some more pats!

Jack need pats


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  1. A short story series sounds like a good plan to me.
    And photos of dogs are always good, I take lots of my own dog.
    I’m always up to hearing more about what’s going on and of course about books

  2. Love an Australian novel so I wouldn’t stray overseas. Love reading about farm life. Maybe a country girl/boy tying to survive in a city life due to this terrible drought after their family had to leave the family farm. Or vice versa. City slickers trying their hand at farming life. Or even real life stories from actual farmers talking about how long they’ve been on the farm, what they run eg cattle or sheep etc, what they’ve learnt over the years…

  3. Love to hear about your travels around Australia . Or anything about your life ie dogs, writing books and short stories , just anything would b interesting

  4. Country v city living combined. Stories involving animals. Dave burrows is another life to be written about too. Love all your books and have them all so far. Keep up the great work.

  5. Not everyone knows how beautiful it is down on the south coast of WA or around Esperance. I’m still exploring down that way, but not all readers are able to, or can afford to travel. That and insights into farming life are always interesting. And of course your journey into writing and career as a writer and author. Thanks Fleur.

  6. I really have enjoyed your novels, that are set in Australia, somewhere. I enjoyed the short story that was at the end of Suddenly one summer. Having an insight into the Aussie life is gorgeous. Reading the lingo and making a connection to what happened as children is very comforting. Please don’t change what you do. There are only two books I have missed out on reading and will have to purchase them soon. Thank you Fleur for your honesty.

  7. Just things about life, observations, stories, insights. A short story series would be great. And anything to do with your furry family ?. My life is incomplete without my dogs and I love hearing about others pets.

  8. I would love some short stories. I don’t always have time for a book ( because once you start you can’t put it down) but I have enjoyed every book you have written so far. Can’t wait for Where the River Runs.
    Doggie doings are always a great topic too. Thanks.

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