What’s a boy to do?


What’s a boy to do when the sheep won’t run? Have a rest of course! These full-wool girls were not at all interested in running into the sheep crate today! We were loading them up into the truck so we could cart them back to the other farm for shearing, but they were being a bit stubborn and sulky!

Refusing to run on, we had to use all of our stock knowledge and ability to get them to run well into the crate, which after a while, they finally did. Hayden was helping us, along with our two work dogs, Law and Digit. As you can see, there was time to have kick back and check out the quality of wool before we pushed them into the crate!

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  1. Fleur!

    totally love the new page its adorable!
    Hayden has grown so much!!
    Hope the new book is comming together for you
    Cant wait

  2. Hi Suzie, yep, Blue Skies is nearly done and dusted! A couple of edits and it’ll be out. Purple Roads is a work in progress, although it’s going faster than Blue Skies did.

    Really pleased you like the new page… I love it! And yes, the kids just keep growing!

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