When chaos reigns supreme!

The rain has brought the frogs out, which in turn usually brings the snakes. Thankfully I haven’t seen any, in the last week, but I’m sure they are gliding, slithering and sliding all around the house at night – ugh, it doesn’t bear thinking about!

These little fellas, in my opinion, aren’t cute and I dislike frogs as much as snakes. (When I used to get up for nightly feeds, with my youngest, I would always be treading on them, as I walked out to his room. Their scream and protection mechanism is foul!)

Anyway, frogs always seem to be able to get into the house. Whether they come up through the toilet, or sneak in when the kids come through the door, I don’t know, but come in, they do.

A couple of mornings ago, we opened the kitchen cupboard to find a frog – scared the **** out of me! Youngest child decided he was able to take it outside, by covering it with a saucepan.  He forgot that once he put the saucepan over it and slid it out of the cupboard, the frog could fall out… Onto my foot!

Screams ensured all round, the Jack Russell thought he could get involved, Rochelle leapt onto the bench and the boss was sitting in his chair, laughing at all of us! Hayden kept trying to grab this poor frog, by the legs. Frog kept screaming, dog kept barking, boss kept laughing, I kept… well, I wasn’t screaming, more head in hands, sort of thing! Chaos reigned supreme!

Finally, after the most failed attempt to get a frog outside, I have ever seen, it disappeared, in shock, under the fridge. Needless to say, it hasn’t been since, but thankfully no ‘dead’ smells have radiated out, so I’m guessing it hasn’t died of fright!

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  1. Now THAT would have been something worth filming! I personally am scared of frogs so would have been standing on a chair screaming louder then all the screaming, laughing and barking.

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