When you order…

Thinking ahead is a critical in life. Planning is important.

You’d think at nearly 44, I would understand this.

So, today, (Saturday morning) I fail to understand why I have woken up with a slight hangover and found there to be no cold pizza in the house for breakfast.

My desire to ‘keep it healthy’ last night didn’t play out well for me this morning.

Yes, I’m more than aware there is a contradiction in that previous sentence: healthy and hangover.

Good thing the morning looked like this and coffee was hot. That soothed the pain I was feeling slightly.

As did this face when I let him off the chain and sat next to him drinking my coffee. That’s the best things about dogs – they love unconditionally and don’t talk!

As well as flat-out writing my next book, I’m going to be doing a little burning today – that should help clear the head!

What’s your best cure for a hangover?

Now, only the Fool’s Gold front: On Friday I’m going to be signing books at Big W Midland Gate at 12 lunchtime and on Saturday at Big W Karrinyup, again at 12 lunchtime. It would be fabulous to see any Perth people who’d like a book signed there picking up there copy of Fool’s Gold. Feel free to bring any other books you’d liked signed along.

Now the other thing is Fool’s Gold has it’s own little mini website, thanks to the clever people at Allen and Unwin. If you click on this link you’ll find we’re giving away copies to the bush fire ravished areas of NSW and Victoria, you can read the first few chapters of Fool’s Gold and watch a video of Jack and I talking about how Fool’s Gold came about. You’ll have to excuse the wind noise in the microphone; I do live in Esperance, one of the windiest places in Australia! Here’s the link: click here

Have a great weekend everyone and please don’t forget to order your pizza tonight for tomorrow morning!

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