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During harvest we tend to work long hours. I always like to have lots of food in the freezer, so all I need to do is pull out a bag of biscuits or slice of cake and there is smoko/lunch/tea. Just makes working a bit easier.

Today and knew I had to cook, but I had a very important chapter that I just HAD to write! So I set my laptop up on the kitchen bench, next to the Mixmaster. I mixed up a cake, then typed, made a batch of biscuits and typed, cleaned up the kitchen and then typed!

I did manage to get written what I really wanted to, not spill anything on the computer and probably most importantly, didn’t burn anything! Although there was one stage I got so caught up in writing, it was only the smell that reminded me I had something in the oven!

I think it’s called multi-tasking!

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