White Gold

The term ‘white gold’, a long time ago, was used for wool, especially super fine merino fibres that would sell for an absolute bomb.

Because we’re mainly meat producers and some of out sheep produce fairly strong micron wool, (which isn’t usually worth as much as fine merino fleeces is), this pile of fertiliser is our ‘white gold’. It costs a bomb!

Last week our Super Spreading contractor was out driving through our paddocks, at a fairly fast speed, throwing this stuff out behind him! My son loves to watch and have a ride in truck, whenever he’s able. It’s not dissimilar to fertilising your house hold garden, just a larger scale.

The reason I’m showing you this, however, is because having fertiliser on the ground like, is one of the pivotal points in Purple Roads. I know you’re asking how can that be, it doesn’t look very interesting! Well, you’ll have to read Purple Roads to find out, but when you read the fertiliser scene, you’ll be able to visualise what it is!

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  1. Your just teasing us Fleur, can’t wait to read Purple Roads – at least reading your blogs are helping with the wait! – Best Wishes – Pauline

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