When you have a roadside mail box, it’s fair game for the young blokes heading home from the pub after a few drinks. The mailman has often had to put mail in funny spots because of the disappearance or change of shape of a box from the time he was out before!

This didn’t happen to our mailbox, though.

A mate driving a truck accidentally ran over it with his back trailer after dropping off a load of lupins! And the even funnier thing was that his two sons came to have a play one afternoon, got off the bus and said ‘Wow! Didn’t Dad do a great job of the mail box!’

If you’re going to do a job, make sure you do it well!

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  1. Someone did that to our mailbox but it wasn’t an accident. They also managed to wipe out a strainer post (an old one mind you) and a ‘no through road’ sign. We replaced it with a wooden mailbox with the base filled with rocks- he won’t have much fun if he tries again!!

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