Winter brings yummy food!


There’s no way around it, I’m a foody. I love following our produce through from pasture to plate.

I love winter and the food it brings with it – thick, hot soups, bubbling casseroles and simmering stews, all served with hot bread rolls, fresh from my oven!

Cooking away quite happily, in the camp oven, is a lamb stew, full of thick lamb shoulder chops and heaps of vegies. I really enjoy cooking on top of my fire. The camp oven gives whatever I’m cooking, a lovely smokey flavour – just like from the camp fire – and cooks slowly enough that I don’t have to watch it all the time.

The smell that wafts through the house and greets you as you open the door, is second to none.

My kids reckon the kettle boiled on the fire makes the best hot chocolates and when the rain is lashing at the windows and the wind is howling, what more could you want, than to sit down to a plateful of comfort food, hot bread rolls, all washed down with a hot choc and marshmellows? Mmm, heaven, methinks!

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