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Yesterday was a crappy day. You know how they just pop up out of nowhere? How they hit you by surprise and at the end of the day, you’re left wondering who the hell you ran over to get such a day?

Yeah, well it was one of them.

Maybe it was because I didn’t kick myself out of bed and go for my morning walk. Maybe it was because I was missing the boss, or the fact Number One Son had such a shocking day at school, the day before.

Whatever the reason, I felt I deserved my wine last night!

I love the fact when we wake up the next morning we have the chance to change what happened the day before. It’s a gift to be able to start afresh, anew and what happened yesterday is past history.

My walks usually go along the beach. After listening the pounding surf most of the night, I thought the sea would be angry, the waves slamming into the sand. They weren’t. It was picture-perfect calm. There were few people and it was a peaceful start to the day, just The Jack Russell and me.

I met a friend and we power-walked, smashing 5+kms! So today has to be better. I had the power to chance it and I did. To have that power makes me grateful I’ve been given it.

Man, I love this quote! Do you have a motivational quote that helps you get through?

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  1. I’d never heard that quote before but I love it! My personal favourite when the going get’s tough is ‘nothing great is easy’ – repeated over and over and over (‘I think I can style’)! Hope you had a much better day!

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