You’ll need to lose weight!

You’ll need to lose weight…

Being a woman, ‘you’ll need to lose weight’ is NOT a phrase you really want to hear.

Still, I heard that last Monday when I went to see my specialist about my back. If you don’t know what happened to cause me to have spinal surgery in January, you can read about it here!

Interestingly, it didn’t upset me – I thought it would’ve. Perhaps if my best friend or partner had said that to me, I mightn’t have reacted the way I did: BY AGREEING (!) with my doctor.

After being in continual pain and taking lots of medication, my awesome doctor decided it was time to have another MRI scan. From that I’d have a spinal block and depending on how that went, perhaps a fusion.

Now a fusion is really the very last option and I’d rather not go down that path unless I really have to.

BUT, here’s the clincher. Because there are two massive blood vessels which run down either side of the spine (or something like that) these very clever doctor’s don’t operate from the back… As you would think. No! They go in through the STOMACH! How weird! And that’s where the weight loss comment comes in.

Now to be very open and honest, I’ve struggled with my weight since I hit 40, (which may or may not be an excuse!) but certainly ever since I finished farming and haven’t been as physically active, there’s been trouble around the hips. Except for the wonderful first year, after my marriage broke up and I lost 16kg. I was walking seven kilometres every day and going to the gym three times a week, with a personal trainer. Then I got glandular fever, lost my fitness, found everything too hard, I didn’t go back to it.

To keep my weight to a reasonable kilo-age is a contestant struggle. And it’s really annoying, because I don’t necessarily eat badly. I don’t eat chocolate, or take away food very often, but I do love pasta, bread, potatoes and… hot chips. Oh and wine! At forty four, I’ve discovered I can’t eat these any more. Which leaves me craving carbs when I don’t!

And with the constant pain in my back, it does leave the gym out of the question (mostly).

So with those five words ‘you’ll need to lose weight,’ I’ve decided that I must need to. I have lost six kilos in the last three months, but clearly need to lose more. I also have to point out here, for someone who has never really had a problem with my weight, it’s awfully embarrassing and confronting.

What’s a healthy weight for a forty four year old, who is slightly vertically challenged at 5 foot 6? Or is a better question, what is a sustainable weight?

I joined the IMPROMY community, which is basically two shakes a day and one high protein meal – that was how I lost the six kilos recently. I’ve also been told great things about Isogentics. Of course, when you start eating three meals a day again, I found the weight went back on gradually.

So my question to you is: have you lost weight recently and how did you do it? How did you keep it off?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Because I really don’t want to have the pain I’ve got every time I sit down to write a book!



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  1. Research Keto diets . Also intermitent fasting . Even paleo is a good one i lost 25kg eating Paleo with a little bit of gym .

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  2. Keto diet reverse you metabolism to burn stored fat. Great pod cast by Leanna Vogel worth a listen. Hard to change over and eat out but it can be done

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  3. Hello, something I have been doing lately is an 8:16 diet. Where I eat for 8 hours a day and just drink water for the other 16. This has helped me lose around 500g a week, and doesn’t restrict you to a normal diet. I eat 2 larger healthy meals a day with a snack in the middle (basically just lunch and dinner and a snack) I eat between 12pm-8pm. Hope this is helpful ??

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  4. I use juice plus, I guess it’s not really for weight loss.We are all so busy it easy to forget the simple things of fruit and veg. Really simple layout easy to follow recipes that are family friendly and delicious. Loads of other tool like mindset etc. Quite often it’s our relationship around food too. I found it really helpful.

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